Tuesday, October 9, 2012


There are lots of exciting things going on over here to share with you. First, I have a new CD on the market entitled And So We Carry On (music for the people). It's out on the Indy label - Daywood Drive Records. This music is intended to help us get thru the challenges, hardships, negativities and struggles ever present in the times we are living in. I think you will find the music uplifting and empowering, and I hope it supports you through your experiences.

And So We Carry On consists of 9 tracks (6 originals and 3 standards) performed by 14 stellar artists in varied aggregations. 

You can check out the behind the scenes video on the making of the recording on YouTube: 

The CD is moving with incredible speed on the radio. It's now at #12 on the US Jazz Week charts and upward bound in only it's 2nd week! Now that it's making it's way on radio I've started to dedicate my time to making sure it gets the attention it deserves by way of advertising.  


I've launched an Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds to help support this cause. Please take a moment to check out the campaign at: 

I hope you will take part in helping me market and promote this recording by contributing whatever you can to the campaign, and spreading the word about it to potential contributors you may know. 


I've got a new website almost completed where you can get some more insight about me and what I'm doing. It is a real upgrade from my last site, and has been developed by a great father & son team - Aubrey and Eldon Phillips.
Their company: Ahcarak Consulting LLC.

Check out:
www.cliftonanderson.net  My website is the only place (for now) that you can purchase a physical copy of the new CD, And So We Carry On  and the only place you will be able to get a bonus download track with the complete album download.  

My 2 other CD's Landmarks Along The Way and Decade are also available.


I've been fortunate to be able to assemble a great team of professionals that believe in what I'm doing and are commited to helping me make my career successful.

My manager Brian Mckenna of Mckenna Group Productions, my publicists Stephanie Brown and Davida Garr of the Stephanie Dawn Agency, and Mark Rini and Josh Ellman of the radio promotion company Groov Marketing are all on board.

There are other special folks working behind the scenes that I
will talk to you about in upcoming Blogs as well. I couldn't handle negotiating my way through this business without them.

I'm looking forward to getting out on the road with my group to promote this recording and I will be posting performance dates soon on my website. I hope to see you all at my shows.

That's about all for now. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for all the new developements that are on the way.

photo credits: John Abbotthttp://cliftonanderson.biz/clifton-store/93-store/126-decade.html

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  1. It was exciting to hear a cut from And So We Carry on on WBGO a couple of days ago - it's really engaging music! Congratulations!