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Modified cover - Jazz Inside Magazine - December 2012


And So We Carry On has been listed by Jazz Inside Magazine as "One of the Top CD's of 2012" and continues to earn strong critical reviews.

New Jazz Times Review

And So We Carry On is available on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon and Rhapsody for download
My website is the only place you can get the physical copy with this great artwork. And get a bonus track from me when you download the full CD from my website. www.cliftonanderson.net

 I am working on making appearances with my working band in January and into the new year so stay tuned for my performance postings and be sure to come out to see and hear us. You'll be glad you did.

“Clifton, you and the band played an amazing show – it is literally the talk of the town, and every single band member was warm, open, and incredibly generous as you all mingled with the patrons after the performance. This was way more than a concert, it was a real connection between people through music. Thanks for your beautiful music and for your very special presence here!”

Sean Hunley/Artistic Director –
The Center At Eagle Hill - Hardwick, MA

Eric Wyatt , Steve Williams, Me, (Donald Vega, Essiet Essiet - not pictured)


I just played at a nice little venue in Peekskill, NY called The Beanrunner Cafe. The owners - Ted and Drew are great people and work hard to bring quality artists to Peekskill. The Beanrunner is becoming a recognized "Jazz Destination" for musicians and the public in upstate New York. Be sure to check them out.


I recently played some concerts with Sonny Rollins in Europe. The band included Bob Cranshaw, Saul Rubin, Sammy Figueroa, Kobie Watkins and myself.

First stop was Vienna, Austria where we played at the prestigious Weiner Konzerthaus
Of course Vienna has a rich musical and cultural history in Europe, reflected in the people's appreciation for music of all genres. Very warm reception from the people and promoter Peter Polansky. I hope to play there again soon.

Then it was on to Prague, Czech Republic once known as Bohemia and one of the oldest European cities. We played at The Lucerna Hall.

Leverkusen,Germany and Luxumbourg followed.

Clockwise: Road manager -John Nave (his back to you), sound engineer- Richard Corsello, guitarist- Saul Rubin, percussionist - Sammy Figueroa, road assistant- Nick Myers, drummer- Kobie Watkins and bassist- Bob Cranshaw

We were in Europe for almost a month and the trip gave me the opportunity to play some good music in some beautiful concert halls and see some friends I haven't caught up with for a while.

I got to hang with my good friend Patrick Simek. Patrick is from Zurich but he attended the show in London at The Barbican.

Me with Patrick Simek

Patrick has seen many Sonny Rollins shows and felt the Barbican performance was one of his better ones. I've known Patrick for quite a few years. He's a saxophonist and Jazz lover, and when he's not hanging out with Chico Freeman he comes to hear us play. We decided to go out and check out some Chinese food at Wong Kei Restaurant. There we rendezvoused with my man Marcos Varela (an exciting young bassist that works with me on occassion) and Fran Hardcastle (a booking agent in the UK I hope to be working with in the near future).

Me, Marcos Varela, Fran Hardcastle and Patrick Simeck

The night of the London show was Sammy Figueroa's Birthday. We had a celebration with friends in the lounge of The Four Seasons Canary Wharf.

pictured left to right: seated Helen Mitchell and friend, Saul Ruben, Me, Patrick Simek,Bob Cranshaw, Sammy "Birthaday Boy" Figueroa, Kobie Watkins, Nick Myers and Jon Nave

Luxembourg is a beautiful wealthy city with lots of very European looking structures (smile) set on multiple levels. Very picturesque mountains and valleys.

In Luxembourg we played at The Philharmonie Luxembourg. A very modern venue.

While in Luxembourg I was able to meet up with my longtime friend Rachel Maucci. I met Rachel when she worked in the Festival office of the Juan les Pins Jazz Festival in Antibes, France where she always took good care of all the musicians performing there. She's a great person and has been a dear friend to both Bob Cranshaw and I for many years. Hope to see you again soon Rachel.

Me, with Rachel Maucci and Bob Cranshaw

Speaking of Bob Cranshaw
Bob Cranshaw celebrated his 80th Birthday on December 10th. He had a great party at the Local 802 musicians union in New York City attended by a who's who of New Yorks Jazz Community.

Bob has been a mentor to me for many years often times guiding me through difficult patches.
Besides being one of the greatest living Jazz Bassists he's also one of my favorite people in the world. I'm sure there are many others that would say similar things about him. He plays on 4 tracks of And So We Carry On.

My Trombone Logo

In Geneva, Switzerland we played the prestigious Victoria Hall. You can see how ornate the hall is as well as the impressive organ pipes.  

Backstage I met Elisabeth Christeler, the Swiss promoter, and world class photographer George Braunschweig. Two more people I hadn't seen in several years.

with Elisabeth Christeler

with photgrapher George Braunschweig


photos: George Braunschweig

Last but not least is one of my favorite cities - Barcelona, Spain. A port city with lots of great history, culture, food etc. With a strong Jazz audience it's always nice to play there.

If you thought Victoria Hall was ornate take a look at The Palau de la Musica Catalana, particularly the ceiling.

Palau de la Musica

 My friend Wulf Muller was in attendance in Barcelona. Wulf was responsible for signing and managing product for many great Jazz artists with The Universal Music Group. He signed and released my second CD, Decade. He now has a new position with Sony Music doing what he does best - working with artists and developing Sony's new Jazz division.

Wulf Muller and Me


I did a nice interview with Lofton Emanari for his show "What Is This Thing Called Jazz" on WPHK 88.5 FM Chicago. Be sure to tune in and check him out. They stream at http://t.co/KL1JIUtM

Stage shot from The Vienne Jazz Festival - France

Check in for my Holiday Blog in a week or so. Till then Be Well - And So We Carry On!


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